Lucky 7s : Reviews

Jay Collins (Signal To Noise magazine #45) on Farragut: "Special mention must be given to Golombisky for his riveting ‘It’s Something to Try. For now, at least’ [tune]...with it's beautiful, yet raucous energy…”

Forrest Dylan Bryant (JazzTimes magazine) on Pluto Junkyard Jan/Feb 2007 issue: " and raw. Neatly balancing abstraction with fat, chewy grooves, the band gleefully stomps through compositions pulling back occasionally for stark atmospherics or somber ensemble sections.”

Ken Waxman’s (Jazz Word) review on Farragut: here

Lucky 7s Pluto Junkyard review on All About Jazz

Grego Edwards (Cadence Magazine) on Farragut Feb ‘07: "The ensemble plays a raucous, yet controlled form of Jazz that has some of the joy of old New Orleans style yet is thoroughly Post-Bop in its inflections...this is modern ensemble Jazz of the highest caliber. Grab this one!" (full review)

Vern (JazzWrap) on Lucky 7s' Farragut: “‘Afterwords’ displays this richly through the what could almost be journey walking down a New Orleans street in the aftermath. The basslines from Golombisky are haunting and easily detached you from session to fill your emotions of sorrow and the hope that follows.” (full review)

Matthew Golombisky