Tomorrow Music Orchestra : Reviews

Neil Tesser (Chicago Reader) on Tomorrow Music Orchestra: “In his thoughtfully crafted written passages, Golombisky employs this large palette with unusual care, mixing the colors sparingly and with a painterly attention to shadow and light, but individual voices carry through even during full-group improvisations.” (full review)

“ the brainchild of bassist, composer and conductor Matthew Golombisky, TMO (as they’re known)... the result is quite the aural and visual amusement, simultaneously artistic and intriguing. One minute they’re pumping out a big-band sound before a completely natural-sounding Afrobeat seamlessly shakes its way into the ensemble. A playful yet serious blending of genres makes TMO an un-intimidating way to expose oneself to classical and traditional jazz blended with elements of rock. A word of caution: just sit back and enjoy it — because if you spend too much time trying to identify all the sounds, you’ll just end up lost in the richness of it all.” (Appearing as part of the Around the Coyote Fall Festival) – Jen Fischer (ChicagoInnerview)

Concerning the Via Tania and the Tomorrow Music Orchestra release: 

"...a cross between the baroque indie rock of Owen Pallett with the jazzy feel of Norah Jones... it is smokin’ and beautiful, and the whole wide world deserves to hear music that is this fragile and moving." Invisible Ink

"...orchestral musicians who provide her compositions with both a substantial amount of sonic heft and a retro sensibility that she seems to enjoy tweaking in a good-natured, Bjork-like way." Entertainment Weekly

"...individual tracks functioning more like movements in a sizeable art piece... the album balances on the edge of the heavy and ethereal... an emotionally resonant work of understated beauty." Exclaim

"...full of lush string arrangements, instantly drawing comparisons to Björk’s florid chamber-pop... lovingly crafted by many talented hands, full of clever figures and arty arrangements..." 4zzzFM

"...a sound that feels both grand in scale... ambient string arrangements make for a beautiful, bluesy tune." Culture Collide

"...precocious strings, sensual bass lines, glorious horns, and a bit of 'magical twinkle' sounds up your alley consider this release a must own." Everything Is Chemical
"The Tomorrow Music Orchestra’s organic sound and wide variety of classic instruments... compliment her beautiful, breathy voice to create a soft, delicate, and dreamlike sound..." Sound Colour Vibration

"...tear-jerking chamber folk..." WRUV

"The album mixes pop songs with chamber orchestra, allowing for many aural colors and soundscapes, exhilarating and unique." Neufutur

Matthew Golombisky