"Well, it's one louder, isn't it?" 
-Nigel Tufnel

“...the music is remarkably cohesive ...with a supreme patience ...rumble to the sound of distant thunder ...this album’s prevailing tranquility is a perfect soundtrack for a solemn Sunday morning ...It’s a wonderful recording, and I’ve become quickly addicted.”
- Dave Sumner, Bird Is The Worm (read more)

"Each new record seems to be another story... this is melodic, minimalistic and enchanting chamber jazz. The French composer Erik Satie would have liked the simple complexity of this music."
- Jakob Baekgaard, AllAboutJazz (read more

Matthew Golombisky is a USA-born, Buenos Aires-living acoustic & electric bassist, composer, improviser, conductor, producer and educator who also wears many hats like the director/founder of independent record label ears&eyes Records and publicity agency, Thirsty Robot Media, (past) conductor & artistic director of youth orchestra, Orquesta Creer Es Crear, in Avellaneda, Argentina, curriculum developer, teaching artist and board member of 501(C)3 non-profit Institute for Creative Music and in the past has taught music in schools such as SPACEMynah Music, Hilldale, Asheville Music schools, stage managed for Pitchfork Music FestivalHideout Block PartyThe Swell SeasonPeter, Bjørn & John, DJ-ed/produced radio for WNUR 89.3FM, curated an annual ears&eyes Festivals, ideated for Clorox, and wrote, composed and directed musical theatre for Bizzo!

Matthew has lived and been active in music and festival scenes in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, New Orleans, Buenos Aires Argentina, upstate New York, and Asheville NC, as well as toured the USA and Europe with bands such as IfCMNOMOZing!JhelisaGolombisky-Kirchner duoWATIVQMRplus, & more. He has taught performance, improvisation, composition, theory, recording techniques, and music marketing to children and adults for 20 years in schools and colleges across the nation.

AllAboutJazz and writer Jakob Baekgaard recently called Matthew a modern “renaissance man” (the article has more than 26,000 views/reads). He is a forward moving, fast acting, and busy artist. Between his acoustic/electric bass performing, commissioned compositions (including his work on Australian singer/songwriter Via Tania’s latest album, featuring his Tomorrow Music Orchestra, his film scoring contributions to Argentine director Alejo Domínguez’s feature film, La Soñada, or creating improvisation teaching supplements for the Institute for Creative Music), directing, filming and editing music videos and/or release trailers (ie. Cuentos, Chad TaylorNate Lepine, TMO, Quintopus, Matija Dedic, blink.), creating layout design work and/or photography for websites and albums (e&e.com, Matija Dedic, Hood Smoke, Pedway, Quintopus), conducting, directing and composing for at-risk youth orchestra, Orquesta Creer Es Crear in Argentina where they performed in the tango-famed Teatro Roma, founding/directing Chicago-based indie label, ears&eyes Records (2018 marks eleven years), and now releasing his newest double EP cassette, Cuentos Vol. 1 & 2, just maybe he can back AllAboutJazz’s forceful claim.

Matthew's undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Asheville led to a B.A. in Jazz Studies/Bass Performance with an emphasis on 20th Century Classical music & theory, while earning the Distinction in Music Award, and masters studies to a M.M. in (classical) Composition from the University of New Orleans after a brief stint at Northwestern University after Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans in August 2005.

Matthew’s discography includes over 50 recordings featuring his performance, compositions, conducting, film scoring, artwork/design, photography, recording/mixing, and/or production.

His composition style is wide ranging, steeped in modern classical, experimental, experiential, thoughtful, jazz, rock and pop genres, but never limits himself to anything and absorbs all music listened to. He creates moods and aural images that captivate, intrigue, invigorate, confuse and/or excite his audience.