Zing! : Magnetic Flux Reviews

Michael Nastos (All Music Guide) on Zing!’s Magnetic Flux: “A group that seemingly is capable of anything, it's remarkable what they have accomplished here, considering it's their debut recording... Zing! sounds poised to make big waves on the contemporary music landscape.” (full review)

Neil Tesser (Chicago Reader) on Zing!’s Magnetic Flux: “On its debut disc, Magnetic Flux (released this summer), Golombisky hits the ground dancing: the opening track, “Boo Boo Bah Bah,” jumps to his electric-bass countermelody, doubled by guitarist Dave Miller.” (full review)

Brad Walseth (jazzchicago.net) on Zing!’s Magnetic Flux: “...bassist Golombisky and drummer Kirchner form a formidable tandem, anchoring these quickly mutating pieces while aggressively propelling them forward...it's as though a lunar explorer from Earth landed on a beach on some alien world with its enclosed package of musical samples melted together during the descent, warped it's true, but still clearly recognizable as music. (full review)

Matthew Golombisky