Matthew Golombisky has been teaching kids and adults, privately and in classroom settings, acoustic and electric bass, guitar, piano, improvisation, composition, recording engineering, music theory/history and more for 20 years. Contact him if you are interested in learning more. (resume / CV below)

Matthew is an Argentina-living, US-born bassist, composer, conductor, and educator who also wears hats like curriculum developer for schools such as SPACEMynah MusicIfCMCreer Es Crear, and musical theatre writer & director for Bizzo!

He has taught performance, improvisation, composition, theory, recording techniques, and music marketing to children and adults for 20 years in schools and colleges across the nation. He joined the IfCM Collective to travel the USA, teaching clinics to high school and college students his methods of composing, improvising and conducting. In 2013, he teamed up with like-minded musicians/educators John Nash, Patrick Liddell and Elisabeth Johnson and founded a not-your-typical music-school school in Oakland CA to promote experiencing/learning music as a whole art form, as something relevant and exciting, called Mynah Music. Most recently, he became the Music Director and conductor of a youth orchestra in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a government funded program inspired by Venezuela's El Sistema.

Matthew has lived and been active in music, festival, and film scenes in the Bay Area CA, ChicagoNew Orleans, Buenos Aires, New York state, and Asheville NC, as well as toured the USA and Europe with bands such as IfCMNOMOZing!JhelisaGKduoWATIVQMRplus, more. He also directs the independent record label ears&eyes Records, which represents bands such as BeveledCaroline Davis QuartetQuintopus, Clark Sommers, Charles Rumback, Cuentos, Zing!PedwayJames Davis Quintet, Tomorrow Music Orchestra, among others and curated an annual music/arts/film festival under the same name.

His undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Asheville led to a B.A. in Jazz Studies/Bass Performance with an emphasis on 20th Century Classical music & theory, earning a Distinction in Music Award and masters studies to a M.M. in Composition from the University of New Orleans after a brief stint at Northwestern University after Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans in August 2005.

Matthew’s discography includes over 5o recordings featuring his performance, compositions, conducting, film scores, and/or production.

His composition style is wide ranging, steeped in modern classical, experimental, thoughtful, electronic, sound design, jazz, rock and pop genres, but never limits himself to anything and absorbs all music experienced. He creates moods and aural images that captivate, intrigue, invigorate, confuse and/or excite his listening (and non-listening) audience.  


Resume / CV (en español by request):

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position that will allow me to continue to develop my career in education, taking advantage of my passion for interacting and inspiring students, and focusing on methods that are unique, relevant, and stimulating.


  • Master of Music in Composition 2004 – 2006 : University of New Orleans and Northwestern University, Chicago GPA: 4.0 • Thesis: “Determining what’s next” Orchestral Tone Poem, premiered in Innsbruck, Austria

  • Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Studies/Bass Performance 1997 – 2001 : University of North Carolina, Asheville • Distinction in Music Award GPA: 3.8


Artistic Director/Conductor

  • Responsible for the success, learning, and advancement of a 50+ “at-risk” student orchestra in Villa Corina, Avellaneda; ages 7-19.

  • Manage and develop teaching topics and methods for team of 10 instrument and music theory teachers

  • Organize and implement various outings and concerts around Buenos Aires to expose kids to different performance and learning opportunities

Co-Creator/Director, SSIIDS | 2014 –present

  • Develop and implement cross-circular learning in students using different mediums of art, music, movement, language, and literacy skills to inspire deeper integration of thinking and creative collaboration

  • Implemented as performance art and in classroom settings; ages range 4 to 18

Teaching Artist, Director & Board Member, INSTITUTE FOR CREATIVE MUSIC | 2011 – present

  • Responsible for curating, organizing, designing, and implementing workshops in songwriting, improvisation, composition, music marketing, forming bands, and recording technology

  • In-house composer and conductor for workshops designed for specific students and schools focusing on learning original music via new methods, especially orchestra and concert band

  • Developed the “Blank Tape Series” which consists of newly composed music for all instrumental and non-instrumental audience members with the objective of collectively learning and playing together in a public place, concert-style

  • Taught a week long songwriting, recording technique and music marketing class to middle and high school students at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School in Ft. Collins CO; produced 20 songs/tracks for original music with and for students

Director/Composer/Conductor, TOMORROW MUSIC ORCHESTRA | 2006 – present

  • Management and coordination of rehearsals, performances, recording sessions, and CD production for a 30+ member non-traditional chamber orchestra

  • Recorded as the backing orchestra for NC-based metal group, Daylight Dies, and Australian singer/songwriter, Via Tania, and more

Musician/Composer/Educator/Arranger, FREELANCE/VARIOUS | 1997 – present

  • Private/group music instructor; including piano, electric bass, contrabass, acoustic & electric guitar, recorder, trumpet, composition, improvisation, arranging, classical and jazz theory, Baroque through 20th Century history, recording & technology, marketing and production

  • Led student live performances, audition preparation, recording sessions, and field trips

  • Performance, composition, and recording for jazz, classical, rock, electronic and mixed-media projects for films, independent labels, ballet, and theatre

  • Toured the Americas and Europe with groups such as Zing!, NOMO, Jhelisa, WATIV, QMRplus, Animal Pants, Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Pedway and more

  • As performer, composer, sound engineer and/or artwork designer, appear on over 50 albums and/or film soundtracks

Director/Curator, EARS&EYES RECORDS and EARS&EYES FESTIVAL | 2006 – present

  • Creator and director, overseeing the release of over 75 releases worldwide including band management, publicity, marketing, online and physical distribution, and concert/festival booking

  • Recording, mixing, mastering, CD production, marketing, and/or distribution for artists

  • Planned and produced a 3-day music/film/visual arts festival in Chicago featuring local and national artists; 2006-2008

Camp Coordinator, COLONIAS DE INMERSION AL IDIOMA | 2013 – 2014

  • Responsible for managing four to six counselors, insuring engaging, successful and creative educational adventures for groups of students, through a series of activities that are geared toward helping them practice and use English, generally in a three-day camp setting

  • Created original and engaging curriculum content for successful and educational experiences

Music Teacher, HILLDALE PRIVATE SCHOOL | 2012 – 2013

  • Taught Kindergarten through 8th grades in a rigorous learning environment that included music and movement, advanced music theory, beginner recorder, musical theatre and production, and advanced private piano lessons

  • Wrote, composed, and directed an original music theatre production, Bizzo! The Musical; taught a team of upper school students how to develop a web presence for promoting the event, design and create sets, props, animation/projections and costumes, along with live stagehand responsibilities

Music Educator/Co-Founder/Web Master, MYNAH MUSIC 2012 – 2013

  • Responsible for curriculum development, including individual lesson goals, group class topics, weekly music theory workshops and performance opportunity

  • Developed pay structure for founder, co-founders and teachers creatively for a school that started with no external income

  • Responsible for website creation, development and maintenance

Ideator/Creative Coalition Team Member, THE CLOROX COMPANY 2012 – 2013

  • Responsible for working with project teams within Clorox to ideate new concepts; how to utilize new technologies, strategic marketing ideas, product naming and development

  • “Go-to” team for brainstorming project teams out of creative ruts


  • Management of main stage for music festival with 20,000+ attendance including all sound equipment and up to 8 stage employees

  • Overseeing up to 8 stage employees, ensuring favorable outcome

  • Ensuring a prompt and organized performance for the artists and audience in a high pressure environment

Stage Production/Guitar Tech, OVERCOAT RECORDINGS/MANAGEMENT 2006 – 2010

  • Touring, pre-show stage production/set-up, guitar tech during show

  • High pressure, split second troubleshooting, gear load in/out for the bands: The Swell Season, The Frames, and Iron & Wine

Educator/Development, S.P.A.C.E. SCHOOL 2006 – 2008

  • Developed music theory, jazz, ensemble, and creative music curriculum

  • Taught all music theory, aural skills, and ensemble classes; ages four through high school

  • Prepped individual and group performances for bi-annual events

Producer/Radio DJ, WNUR FM, EVANSTON/CHICAGO 2007-2008

  • Production, research, engineering, and post-production, as well as on-air talent for two weekly radio shows featuring music and artist interviews


  • Taught private and group piano classes

  • Developed summer school classes, including a Blues/Rock for beginners intensive

Educator/Development, THE ASHEVILLE MUSIC SCHOOL 1998 – 2001

  • Taught piano, trumpet, bass, and theory classes

  • Organized group classes, scheduled student trips, recording sessions, and led promotions


  • University tutor helping students with music theory class work